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If you have a dial-up modem (aol,etc.)- GRAB A BEER AND COME BACK, IT MIGHT TAKE A COUPLE OF MINUTES TO LOAD!

Here are some photos of the swell we had on October 30, 2001. YOU SHOULDA BEEN HERE.........

Epic Swell 10/30/01, Heavy Sunset Bomb Has One Unidentified Caught Inside As The Other Paddles For The Shoulder-Somewhere in W. New York


EPIC!  Outside Top-To-Bottom Barrell - Long Beach, N.Y.  10/30/01

Unidentified Drops Into A Sick Left- Photo Taken From Dunes....INSANE!

Unidentified Caught Inside On A BOMB (Seq. #2, See #1 at top of page)

Big Perfect Bowly Peak

Unidentifeid Sponge Dropknee's A Nice Left

Inside Left Barrell

Sponger Out In Front Of A Long Left

Unidentified Pulls Into PERRRRRRRRFECT Right- Somewhere in West N.Y.

Sponge Bottom Turns Toward Lip

Outside Line Starts Throwing - Long Beach, N.Y. 10/30/01

Heavy Inside

Much More To Come- STAY TUNED!!!!!!